Windscreen Chip Repair

It is extremely important to ensure that your windscreen is properly cared for and that any damage is repaired as soon as possible by a trained professional. Not only does a windscreen protect you from the weather and debris, it is an integral part of a vehicles structure. Changes in temperature can cause small cracks and chips to grow and while minor damage can be easy to repair, if the damage becomes major, you may require a complete new windscreen replacement. Smart Fit Windscreens always endeavour to repair a windscreen first rather than replacing it.

At Smart Fit Windscreens, our repair technician is highly experienced and skilled in every aspect of windscreen repair. He constantly receives additional training, enabling him to keep up to date with the new advances in windscreen repair technology.

Every laminated windscreen chip repair we do is certified for quality to the BS AU 242A standard.

In the case of a repair the damaged area is filled with a clear resin and then cured using an ultraviolet light. The result is a windscreen that is restored to its original strength.

Many types of stone chips can be successfully repaired. Bullseyes, cracks, star breaks or a combination of the three, can be repaired without removing the glass so don’t let that stone chip or small crack turn into a larger one requiring a full windscreen replacement. Your windscreen is laminated and a chip will allow the ingress of moisture and dirt contamination which will worsen the damaged area. Avoid this by having the damage repaired as soon as possible.